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Hello to all the members that are still awaiting the revival of this community. I'm here to announce a couple of things regarding that.

It is our hope to have this community up and running once more by March 1st if not sooner. There will also be a new layout put up within the week.

The community, once re-opened, will be starting over from scratch. We have made this decision based on two factors:

1. It has been such a long hiatus
2. We are cutting several muses from the claims list

These have/will have a huge impact on how old storylines play out and so we've decided it would be better to simply have a fresh start.
There will be no need to reapply for the muses you already have should you wish to keep them.
Please keep in mind that once the community is re-opened, you will have one week from the launch date to COMMENT HERE stating whether or not you are staying in the community. If we do not receive that communication, you will lose your muse.
If there are logs you'd like to save, you had better do it now. Because we are starting over, all RP logs in the community archives will be deleted! We will give you until midnight PST on Sunday to save any logs you wish. At that time we will delete them.

The following muses are officially cut and their muns no longer welcome in this community due to reasons that need not be made public:

Kirito merciless_god
Sakurai Atsushi schizogensou
U-ta detarame_yaro
Shinya silent_stoicism
Ryoichi Endo genesets
Zhen the_bullgod
Klaha kanjou_prism
Kozi loki_n_roll
Shiina Ringo kissmurderkill
Nic Tse

If you would like to dispute your removal from the community, you may, however both Die-mun and I have given this matter a great deal of thought and discussion and this decision is final.

To all other members, please remove these journals from your friends list/s.

If you have any suggestions for the community that you think should be put in place when we re-open, we are both happy and willing to hear them and discuss them with you. Please let us know any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns you have here in this post.

Thank you and have a Happy Valentine's Day.

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I'm interested in keeping my boys, but I might restructure Ekin and Wonrae, if that's okay. Although I'm guessing no one will claim them anyway, still. (^o^)

I'll be out of comission for most of March and April because that's my vacation time with my girlfriend, so I hope that's alright. (^o^)

My comment is that I think the complete reset is a good idea~.
That's completely fine. Just let us know whether you're revising their original apps or if you're making completely new ones. If you make new ones, just delete the originals. (I go into a little more detail on this with Hitsugi-mun down below).
And just for posterity, please make a post in the OOC community and in your muse journals about your hiatus, for the sake of other players who stay/join. Have a good time~
Oh, also, remember to look at the Jopok info for Wonrae.
Okay, I'm gonna revise kyo and Ekin is going to collect more dust in a closet somewhere. (^o^)

So yes, restructuring kyo and Wonrae is staying as is.

Also just wanna double check - I would like to keep Cho Ryun as a very avant gaurdeish type of outfit, which probably will require them to be relatively new in the scheme of things (like, not as old, powerful and established as the other Jopok). So I'd like to check that that is okay? Wonrae would be the Chaebol of Cho Ryun. I sent the Cho Ryun info to your aim. If you didn't recieve it, let me know and I'll email it to your email address? (^o^)
So are you dropping Ekin then? *unsure*

No, I got your description, however I'm iffy about the mention of being trained in dancing and having dance-offs. That's a little unrealistic for a gang. Would it be okay to leave that out? Stasia and I both think that adding that makes it seem like it's a joke and you know how serious we are about this community. If you have a valid, logical reason for dance training then by all means let me know and you can keep that part in, but the dance-offs I'm definitely going to have to say no to. It's just too sitcom-y, you know?

Re: ooc


10 years ago

I'd like to keep Kaoru. And if Ekin-mun keeps Ekin and Wonrae, then I'd like to keep Yue and like to pick up Seo Taiji. -nod- I'm thinking that I'm going to redo my applications for Kaoru and Yue though because I want to maybe switch some things up. I'll talk to you whenever I see you online.
We already talked about this, so yeah, it's okay. I'll put Seo Taiji on hold for you. Don't forget to look at the Jopok info when putting together his application.
Kinda confused, but I THINK I'm doing this right: Hitsu staying! I'm thinking about changing his affiliation since Kirito, Shinya, Klaha and Kozi are gone now (≥x≤) or upgrade Hitsu up to Kumicho so the Sumiyoshi-kai can at least have some sort of foundation (which would probably just suck since I have zero leadership abilities).
If you do decide to make any changes to Hitsugi's application, either let us know so we can take a look at the revised original or please redo his application and post it. If you do this, please also delete the original. Whether you revise the original or write a new one depends on how much you're changing ie. if it's a lot you might want to just redo it, know what I mean? Don't worry too much about it. It's not like we'll un-accept you. It's just so we can keep accurate, up-to-date information on the muses. ^^
Okay! I just went back and edited this old thing since I just wanted to change his job. I re-wrote half of his sample post to apply to his new position too!
hmmm... well, honestly I can't see Hitsugi in a leadership position. Also, the fact that he's only 24. It's rare for someone that young to be in such a position. If you can convince me that he's capable of attaining that rank and keeping the rabble in line, then I'll let it slide. However, just as Yuuga has a story for how he came to be kumicho at such a young age, Hitsugi would need one, too.


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10 years ago

I'd like to keep Uruha, but I'll be dropping Hibiki.
Okay, thank you. Will you be changing anything about Uruha's application?
Probably not much, if anything. It depends on who's staying and who'll be active. I haven't rped since August, so I'm rather rusty. e.e;
*nod* I'm going to make a post that will list who I know at that point is staying and who is dropping and I'll edit it as I find out more information from people until next Friday. Anyone who doesn't respond by then will be automatically dropped.
staying, doll face.

but affiliations are depending on those who stay and leave, so I guess we'll be waiting for an update.

'side that alls same ol'

*nodnod* Understood.

*hugs* Miss you!
you're keeping yours, too, yes?
Yup yup. Except I changed Yomi's affiliation. Goto-gumi just isn't right for him. He's still under the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi though.
I'm in.
Cool cool. Already updated that you were. Thank you, though, for commenting here still.
Are you changing anything about Ruka's application?
Okay. Thanks~!

btw, feel free to pimp us out. *lol* If you know anyone that might be interested, that is. There's only so much promo I can do myself. @_@ And if you are in contact with any current members that I haven't been able to get ahold of, that would be greatly appreciated as well. I left a comment for venn when I saw she commented on your latest post, so hopefully she'll get back to me.
Yar. I'll keep Aki puttering around here if you don't mind - I think I'll also tweak his profile a bit. I also might pull out another muse... not sure yet. danku <3
Thank you, hon. ~