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Claim//Mori Kiyoharu

Your LJ: deadlyxclaris
Your AIM: Deadlyxclaris

Muse's Name: Mori Kiyoharu [Kiyoharu]
Muse's Band: Solo
Muse's LJ: xblackillusion
Muse's AIM: VintageDejavu

Muse's Age: 37
Muse's Affiliation: Yakuza; Inagawa-kai; Kumicho
Muse's Job: Full-time Yakuza [kumicho]
Sample Post:

Silent issues of the incircle of the Inawaga-kai had made his brows furrow a bit and pissed him off to the slightest doubt. He was able to hide the feelings well though and would seem to be cold all the time. A cigarette lit and was placed between his soft lips, pale skin seeming to frow paler for the moonlight glancing slightly between the fabric that clung to the walls. The man just sighed and looked down at the prostitute he had for the night; a pretty doll she was but a bit frail. She looked so peaceful,sleeping in the private suite he had borrowed.

Kiyoharu had stood up and left her there to rest, she could go home whenever she would wake up. Normally he would rest with whomever he had business with, but she was boring. Maybe he should have taken home that young man he saw earlier at the strip club, at least it would have been interesting. It was just some relief at least, just a little more than the smoke that lingered around from the nicotine stick.

Yet a messy home he went to, but it wasn't because he was a lazy ass slob, he just never bothered to care. Old newspapers piled up on the table were always slanting off and an old coffee mug was never used probably since it was just a gift, it held cigarette butts inside. His bedroom was simple, just black and white, 'no need to be fancy' image.

"Damn." Whisper escaped his lips as the cigarette lingered. He smothered it out against the small night stand and curled his body in a sheet. Trouble would always be the issue with sleeping. His limber body had risen again and walked out the door.

Another sleepless night...

Comments: None really, just that Kiyoharu is quiet,but a bit of a hard ass when doing business xD
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