Exo Chika (terrorxvixen) wrote in asiaunderground,
Exo Chika

Claim//Exo Chika

Your LJ: candy_lolita
Your AIM: candy gyaru

Muse's Name: Exo-Chika
Muse's Band: Aural Vampire
Muse's LJ: terrorxvixen
Muse's AIM: Flaming calamare


Muse's Age: 25

Muse's Affiliation: Yakuza,Fourth Yamaken-gumi,Kumicho

Muse's Job:Full-time Yakuza Boss

Sample Post: 
The blonde stood in the low-lit area of the club.She was in short leather shorts,a garter belt holding up a pair of black and red fishnets.Her waist was held in a tight bunch with the black and red silk corset.Her common black lace gloves elegantly covering her pale skin.
Exo Chika was certainly not the common Yakuza-boss.She was a woman,even had vampire teeth.Even though she was born into the yakuza,she worked her way up to her current position.She had killed many people,and sold a hell of alot drugs.She even sold

Most people would say she was rather-sadistic.She would agree with them.She worked by using force.As Hitler even said,"You can't cure stupidity with vaccines,but you can cure it by brute force.".Exo Chika was certainly a bitch.Not even having a care about anyone other then herself.Her wellfare was more important than anything,well not as much as her work.

Her cellphone rung.Checking the caller I.D. she flipped open the cellphone."I thought I told you to have the fucking 3,000,000 yen..No don't say that to me.I gave you 3 weeks,that was rather considerate of me,especially for the job I did for you.I'm going to give you a little visit.Be ready.Don't fucking move an inch.",oh was she excited! She rarely took on assination herself.Only in certain situations.But she loved it dearly.

Brushing her long blonde hair to the side she smiled as she head threw the over crowded club.Her fangs glistening in the random flashes of light.Exo Chika's long fingers reached for her hidden blades in her boot.

Comments: Can she be Kumicho? Is that alright? *laughs*

Sorry if this sample wasn't the best.I typed it with one hand and my friend was distracting my train of thought.*laughs*
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