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Your LJ: candy_lolita
Your AIM: candy gyaru

Muse's Name: Ruki
Muse's Band: the GazettE
Muse's LJ: discharge_xxx
Muse's AIM: Flaming calamare


Muse's Age: 24
Muse's Affiliation: Yakuza-Kokusui kai-Shatei
Muse's Job: Drug Distrubuter,assain
Sample Post: 
The kid was called Ruki.He was short,but he was the type of person that you wouldn't want to fuck with.Having one of those "Fuck you,go kill yourself" attitudes,he would gladly tell you to Fuck off,it really seemed to itimidate people,but it was Ruki.Ruki first got involved in the dealing and using drugs when he was only 17.

He stood in the dark alley,waiting for one of his best clients to come and buy their usual Meth and Herione.It was the best avaible to public.The business man walked into the alley,like many times before.Handing Ruki the roll of money,right after Ruki handed him the drugs.He smirked as he pulled out a ciggerate,lighting the white tube.

But drugs weren't the only thing Ruki mingled with,oh no.He was also into that shady bussiness where you kill people for large amounts of money.Ruki never felt a bit of remorse.It was probably a little strange that he had a fetish over blood,and hurting people physically.He didn't get those jobs too much.

"Thank you for your service sir,your bussiness is greatly apreciated.",Ruki was counting the money,before walking off into the darkness.

Ruki had a way with people,he was charamatic in a sence.Very flirty.

Comments: *claps hand together* Yay xDD;;
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