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Hello to all the members that are still awaiting the revival of this community. I'm here to announce a couple of things regarding that.

It is our hope to have this community up and running once more by March 1st if not sooner. There will also be a new layout put up within the week.

The community, once re-opened, will be starting over from scratch. We have made this decision based on two factors:

1. It has been such a long hiatus
2. We are cutting several muses from the claims list

These have/will have a huge impact on how old storylines play out and so we've decided it would be better to simply have a fresh start.
There will be no need to reapply for the muses you already have should you wish to keep them.
Please keep in mind that once the community is re-opened, you will have one week from the launch date to COMMENT HERE stating whether or not you are staying in the community. If we do not receive that communication, you will lose your muse.
If there are logs you'd like to save, you had better do it now. Because we are starting over, all RP logs in the community archives will be deleted! We will give you until midnight PST on Sunday to save any logs you wish. At that time we will delete them.

The following muses are officially cut and their muns no longer welcome in this community due to reasons that need not be made public:

Kirito merciless_god
Sakurai Atsushi schizogensou
U-ta detarame_yaro
Shinya silent_stoicism
Ryoichi Endo genesets
Zhen the_bullgod
Klaha kanjou_prism
Kozi loki_n_roll
Shiina Ringo kissmurderkill
Nic Tse

If you would like to dispute your removal from the community, you may, however both Die-mun and I have given this matter a great deal of thought and discussion and this decision is final.

To all other members, please remove these journals from your friends list/s.

If you have any suggestions for the community that you think should be put in place when we re-open, we are both happy and willing to hear them and discuss them with you. Please let us know any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns you have here in this post.

Thank you and have a Happy Valentine's Day.

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