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As of today, both the main community and the OOC community have been wiped clean. All logs, previous Mod Updates, and other posts have been deleted from the community.

The userinfo has been updated with just a few changes. Nothing big, but we ask you to please check it out.

We need everyone that wishes to stay in the community to look over their muse applications and let us know if there is anything you wish to change. Affiliation, position, job, AIM SN, etc.
As well as reply to this post as to whether or not you are retaining your muse/s.
Comment to this post concerning your muse application/s ie. let us know if you have changed anything or if you are keeping it as is. This is important so that we can inform the other members of any changes. With how empty the comm is now, it shouldn't be hard to find your applications. Also remember to check the archives for all posted claims.

I am pushing the re-launch date for the community to this Friday. That means you will all have one week from Friday to comment. I will reiterate that if you do not comment within that time, you will lose your muse. Same rule applies as before: if your muse is dropped and you wish to reclaim them, you must wait one month.
I will be attempting to get in contact with as many people in the community as possible before that time. However, it is not my job to make sure you do what is necessary to retain your muse; It's yours.

We really hope everyone stays with the comm and look forward to hearing from you all. We're very happy to finally be able to re-open Asia Underground and hope that we can grow to be as active as we once were.
Please pass the word to fellow members and let your friends know that we're re-opening. Old school members are great, but we'd love to bring in some new blood, too.


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